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Your Notebook

Imagine for a moment that your life was represented by a notebook. You know the ones with the metal spiral that holds all the pages together. Going forward the notebook is blank but all the preceding pages are filled with the descriptions of our experience up until this point. There are moments when we leaf through the pages inspecting certain portions and recreating memories in our mind. On the subconscious level this happens on a consistent basis to compare current experience with memory. We are designed to recognize patterns very easily and to align them with previous experience. Perhaps it's time to remember that we have the ability to pull a few pages out to no longer serve us. To recognize those pages contain a definition of a person that no longer exists. They would no longer allow such experiences into their life. To align it with the Tarot the Queen of Disks energy is that of mature decision-making based upon wisdom. Wisdom earned through experience and understanding of that experience. In the current energys is on the planet we are being asked to look at those pages. Not only to look at those pages but do so with the intent to see personal growth. To recognize where those previous Pages no longer define Who you are. This is a process that allows us to begin to consciously create. It allows us to meet every experience with the purity of that experience. To judge the experience in and of itself rather than seeking patterns from previous pages. Our book is written in real time so why allow to past to define its content.

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