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Why should coherence be your number one priority.

Coherence is the act of achieving a balance between the two hemispheres of the brain: the logical and the creative. This balance is a signal that is sent directly to the heart. And when the heart is in a state of coherence, it emits a powerful magnetic field that increases the energy frequencies within us, allowing us to access higher levels of awareness.

But what exactly is coherence and why is it so important? The best way to understand coherence is to think of it as a state of mental clarity and focus. It’s a way for us to see beyond the surface, to identify patterns and make connections that would otherwise remain hidden. When we’re in a state of coherence, our thoughts become more organized and our emotions become more regulated. We begin to think clearly and act decisively.

The effects of coherence extend beyond the physical and mental realms. When we are in a state of coherence, our hearts literally create an electrical field of energy, which then sends out a powerful magnetic field that can be felt by others within a radius of a few feet. This magnetic field has been proven to enhance intuition, clarity, compassion, and creativity.

So why is it important to maintain our state of coherence? Simply put, when we are in a balanced and coherent state, our bodies become more efficient at processing information. We are able to think more clearly and make more informed decisions. This can have a profound effect on our lives, as we begin to view situations more objectively and respond with greater clarity.

To achieve a state of coherence, we must first eliminate any negative emotions or beliefs that may be hindering our progress. We must start by focusing on our breath and on silent contemplation, allowing ourselves to become mindful of our thoughts and emotions. We can then channel this newfound awareness into meaningful tasks or activities that require patience and focus.

By doing this regularly, we can create an internal balance between the two hemispheres of the brain and reach a higher level of productivity, purpose, and creativity. Coherence is a powerful tool that can help us tap into our inner potential and achieve results that would otherwise remain hidden.

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