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To Be In This World And Not Of It

To be in this world and not of it is an attempt to observe rather than experience.

The concept of experience denotes a conscious engagement with what lay before us in an attempt to control as to bring it into alignment with our desires.

The concept of observation denotes a witnessing of what lay before us in an attempt to understand. Allowing everything to flow and move in its own direction automatically creating the best outcome for all.

Like a river we are all but droplets of water headed back to the great ocean.

Conscious engagement creates an attachment to the bank of the river restricting our ability to maintain the flow.

Witnessing without attachment allows for the flow to be maintained. We still have the ability to experience the beautiful moments without limiting the natural flow of others.

The river always finds its course and always makes its way home. We can waste energy swimming from one bank to the next looking for relief or we can let go and effortlessly be guided in the direction that is most beneficial while allowing others to experience their greatest potential as well.

Matthew T Volk

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