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The Great Awakening: Pluto's Aquarian Influence on Collective Perception

Pluto Destiney's Hammer

Pluto entering Aquarius is a significant astrological event that will have a profound impact on individuals and society as a whole.

This shift will force people to see the reality in most situations, as their view is being expanded to a collective vision rather than a singular one.

The Impact of Pluto Entering Aquarius

Pluto's entry into Aquarius will bring about a time of great transformation and change.

Individuals will be forced to confront issues that they have been avoiding, and societal structures will undergo significant shifts.

Collective Vision vs. Singular Vision

Pluto entering Aquarius will expand our view from a singular vision to a collective vision.

This means that we will start to see things from a broader perspective, taking into account the needs and perspectives of others.

Resistance to the Shift

Despite the positive changes that will occur, there will also be resistance to the shift.

Individuals who are resistant to change may experience negative patterns of experience that become impossible to ignore.

Dealing with Negative Patterns of Experience

It is important to address and deal with negative patterns of experience that arise during this time.

By acknowledging and working through these patterns, we are able to move towards growth and transformation with ease.

The Only Important Goal

With the area of space the earth is traveling threw now there is a higher frequency that is driving this shift. We can resist the changes but it will not stop them from coming.

Todays energy is like water flowing down a river with force and power. You can resist it. Create a dam even. Eventually enough weight will build up and break the dam.

Better to allow that which you can not change and focus on the potentials. Focus on your dream and expect it.

The Truth of the Shift

The coming shift is a collective paradigm shift. We can already witness many around us listening to their gut or following their instinct in situations.

Think of it as though the universe has handed each human a shovel and placed us in a hole. At this point you have two choices dig straight down or dig a ramp out.

Our negative patterns will begin to become obvious and unbearable due to their increasing severity.

Lack To Abundance

The shift in perspective comes when enough individuals hold a positive vision.

It's actually only a small change from a perspective of the expectation of lack, to the expectation of abundance. Human beings will begin to understand their true nature and how they are powerful creators.

Lack is a lie and an illusion.

Abundance is your Birthright. Abundance is your natural state and humans need to remember who they are.

The Future of The Shift

Your Evolution comes when you recognize your attachments especially your fears surrounding them create the perceived lack. Your true Freedom comes not through a war but rather a level of thinking you're not yet ready for.

Seeing through the eyes of non-attachment and not fearing losing as to cling. Rather to accept what is and understand change is the constant.

To be in the world and not of it.

To expect benevolence and watch it manifest.

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