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Strongest In The Room

Beware of being the strongest one in the room. It would seem to have such imence benefits but nothing is more difficult. When you’re the strongest one in the room people look to you for strength, for advice for courage when their days are dark you brighten them.

There in lies the problem you see the strong ones people don’t feel as though they need help to compound the problem they don’t ask for help because I’ve never been afforded it. Hence they’ve never learned to accept or ask for it even.

Being the strongest one in the room means it feels like you live by a different set of rules and everyone else does and in fact you do. Your standard is higher the expectation people create around you are higher because you don’t disappoint them. Just make sure it doesn’t cost you too much of yourself along the way.

For when appreciation turns to expectation all the rules change and when strong people don’t feel appreciated they look for the other most familiar feeling that they have access to and that his pain. You see you become so good at shielding the pain from others that you become a master of using pain for avoidance. The obvious danger here is that once this process goes so far we lose so much of who we truly are that we’re not sure how to get it all back Or even what that looked like before we tried to contort ourselves toward our self to everybody else is whim.

Buying the dreams of others only serves to sell your own out. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should and just because you fit doesn’t mean you belong.

Don’t hide from yourself from yourself for to long you just may forget who you are.

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