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Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The seasons of the earth are easy to witness and follow. Much more subtle are the seasons of our personalities of our egos our bodies and of our hearts. Each has a season or a rhythm that must be allowed It’s expression. Each must be not only respected but allowed without resistance. For it is that very resistance that causes all problems to manifest in our lives.

Self understanding it’s better described as a revealing of one’s true nature because it is hidden from us. We are masters of illusion when it comes to burying things and hiding them from ourselves. The ego will go to great lengths to justify its behaviour. Although the individual is completely responsible for their actions it seems the subconscious clouds so much.

Self understanding in truth is the courage to see and accept those things within oneself. Only through the acceptance and integration can we rise above such behaviors.

That is finding true freedom and enlightenment.

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