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March 28th 2021 Daily Tarot

The lack of direction is over. As you see the cycle come to completion it is time to move forward. The world allows us to recognize patterns and provides the opportunity to follow the old path or to grow beyond the previous patterns. As the seeds we have planted in the past begin to sprout and grow. Be patient as much growth takes place below ground before a sprout shows.

The Chariot - Reversed No willpower, no drive, lack of focus or ambition, fear of commitment.

The World When this card appears in a reading, it is a sign that spiritual lessons have been mastered. There is a sense of freedom and harmony to be enjoyed. Newly acquired knowledge, strength, and even spiritual understanding will now be put to good use. It may also symbolize successful completion of a project, a personal renaissance, or even strong and healthy spiritual connections between people and/or coven members.

Seven of Pentacles When the Seven of Pentacles sprouts up in a reading, it speaks of rewards after hard work. This is the card of harvest. The rewards were well worth all of the effort you put into your goals and projects. The suit of pentacles is linked to material wealth, and it is also the suit of manifestation. Now is the time to sit back, take stock of what you have accomplished, and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

About the Deck

Witches Tarot By: Ellen Dugan, Mark Evans Hope you enjoy the daily energy readings. Please go to To book services and get the daily readings direct

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