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Magick Is Hidden In The Details

Miracles and Magick are abound in our reality we simply choose subconsciously to ignore them. To expect the negative through worry and fear of a future yet unwritten.

Conscious worry and fear for an extended period of time will in effect assistant the creation of exactly what you're worried about.

Attempting to consciously resist those feelings of fear and those thoughts is like trying to stop the wind by closing a screen door.

The enlightened understanding would ask that we Let Go. Now let me be clear it took me a long time to truly understand what that meant. Truly letting go doesn't mean you don't care it doesn't mean that you've changed the way you feel in any way shape or form.

It's simply means that in that moment rather than resist you search for something different. Rather than allowing it to control and perhaps even paralyze you, get up and move.

Redirect that energy towards something that excites you something you're passionate about something you're working towards something that will benefit you in some way.

It is a simple desire for something better, the simple act of seeking that creates the new habit and that in itself that is the secret. In those moments you then control the flow you're not led by your emotion but rather driving your passion do you see the difference.

In a very short period of time that act of seeking will become automated and you'll begin to look for miracles and coincidences and synchronicity and magick because it's no longer hard to find. Rather it's hidden in the subtle details that everyone else misses because they're too busy with their eye on the wrong prize but when you understand you can let go.

Letting Go is scary at first due to the fact that we have been programmed throughout generations to hone our expectations towards limiting factors.

Even though we completely understand consciously how much of a problem that would be we seem unable to do anything about it. Change is scary especially when diving deep into the complete unknown.

Change is also necessary as we are of the Earth. The tree must grow as that is its purpose it must also whether the seasons whatever that brings and because it can do nothing about them it worries not about tomorrow but simply enjoys the perfect moment that is now.

Just as the tree we must grow. We cannot remain stagnant because the nature of life has a rhythm and a flow. To learn your rhythm and flow is to learn to let go.

To let go and learn to dance to the rhythm and the flow of your personal unique signature. That signature lives at the core of Who you are. So letting go is an act of exploring yourself and enjoying that process.

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