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January 3rd Tarot

It's necessary to recognize the progress you have made and you it to move forward. You cant see the big picture yet but the work your doing i bringing it closer. Its time to act when your inspired. Get out of your head and jut act when you have an idea that is what will bring clarity.

Seven of Pentacles You have sown seeds of some sort. They are bearing fruit and it is time for the harvest. Take time to compare the investment with the results. If it is not what you'd hoped, determine what you can do differently next time.

Eight of Pentacles You are involved in a course of study in preparation for a better future. Your discipline and drive will serve you well. Do take a moment, though, and enjoy some pleasant companionship.

The High Priestess - Reversed Be aware of staying too long in the heady realms of The High Priestess. You must take your inspiration and translate it into action. Honor the muse, but do not become her slave. About the Deck Gilded Tarot Royal By: Ciro Marchetti Hope you enjoy the daily energy readings. Please go to Or Check Oit The NEW APP To book services and get the daily readings direct In studio or video.

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