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January 27th 2021

The time is here! You are standing completely in your own power. The Queen clearly sees where she wants to go and has the confidence and courage to boldly go after it. The wheel is turning in your favour so use this time to allow the new flashes of insight and inspiration to guide you.

Queen of Wands Your passion is quietly contained, ready to burst out at any minute. You are seeking an outlet for your energy. This may be in the form of a new project of your own or helping someone with an exciting undertaking. You love activity for its own sake, but you are not adverse to public admiration as a result of your skills and brilliant personality.

The Wheel of Fortune The message of The Wheel of Fortune is twofold. First, know that life has ups and downs and many times things happen that affect you but are not strictly speaking personal. For example, the company you work for is bought by another and restructured. You job is eliminated. This was not done to hurt you personally, although does affect you deeply. Second, events in life are often good or bad because you choose to view them as such. Keep your center and your focus and don't be rattled by events you cannot control.

Ace of Wands You are at a propitious point. You are given a gift, an idea, a project, or career opportunity. Take advantage of it with confidence and be grateful.

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