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January 19th 2021 Tarot

When your finding it hard to find direction it is ok to ask for help or advice. Perhaps our vision has become to fixed and it is not that we are blocked but rather we just cannot see the new path. Take the time to listen to advice as every price of wisdom has a purpose. Some are there to allow us to see where we came from. Some are there to shift our focus and lead us in a new direction. Change is inevitable, how we feel and where we end up depends on how we respond or react to the incoming information.

This current fork in the road will move us forward or back. Choose growth and healing.

Five of Pentacles You are in need. Help is nearby. Do not be dissuaded even if the building, organization, or person seems imposing. Ask for the help you need.

Eight of Wands - Reversed Be aware of the dangers of interfering. By altering the movement of one of the wands, the others, because of their close proximity to each other, will be affected. The connections are intricate and you may not be able to see the larger ramifications of your actions.

Death The message of Death is that spiritual growth brings pain. It isn't easy to let go of certain behaviors or beliefs, to admit errors in thought and practice. Without negating the magnitude of ego-death, the emblems of what is to come--greater spiritual strength--remind us that the endeavor is not without its reward.

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