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January 18th 2021 Tarot

Your sense of knowing is showing you the next step. Look for the subtle clues and coincidences. It’s the emotional maturity you have created that will allow you to know what is right for you. This is your time and the universe is blessing you if you allow it.

The High Priestess The message of The High Priestess is about a kind of knowing that is beyond logic. Pay attention to your intuition and recognize that there are different ways of knowing. While the stars and planets of the night sky can be charted and understood rationally, this same sky inspires in ways foreign to our sense of reason.

King of Cups You are fortunate in your achievements. You have accomplished much, built a good business or career for yourself. Perhaps you have a stable, loving family life. These things give you much satisfaction, but there is a longing in your heart. It is as if in gaining power and accomplishments, you have lost touch with your creative side. Seek an artistic or creative outlet, nurture your emotions.

The Wheel of Fortune The message of The Wheel of Fortune is twofold. First, know that life has ups and downs and many times things happen that affect you but are not strictly speaking personal. For example, the company you work for is bought by another and restructured. You job is eliminated. This was not done to hurt you personally, although does affect you deeply. Second, events in life are often good or bad because you choose to view them as such. Keep your center and your focus and don't be rattled by events you cannot control.

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