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January 11th 2021 Tarot

When we approach the top of the mountain the universe will test our resolve. Maintain you focus on the goal you have. Don’t allow drama or self doubt to steal your blessings. This is a test. Trust that everything you have been focusing on and creating is on its way in. All you need now in an unwavering trust in yourself.

The Empress Prosperity and the fullness of life abound. There is enough and possibly more than enough, which can be a blessing or burden (as anyone who has tried to "declutter" or lose weight knows). Abundance requires attention, nurturing, and love if it is going to continue to thrive. Advice: Recognize your values and give them your time, attention, and energy. Put your focus on what you want to increase in your life. Pay attention to boundaries because nothing can grow well if it is overcrowded.

Nine of Wands - Reversed Be prepared, be vigilant. Experience has shown that there is, in this situation, trouble brewing. Very likely this is some sort of ongoing battle or repeating issue or cycle, perhaps on the job, within a social group, or in a relationship. There is weariness in this card, as if you are just tired of fighting the same fight over and over again. Unfortunately, unless something changes, it is a case of "same stuff, different day." Advice: Be ready to do battle … yet again. Or find a way to put a stop to the cycle that allows these struggles to continue. Reversed: Martyrdom, disloyalty, stubbornness

The Moon - Reversed Even if you think you have all the facts, you probably don't. There is more going on here than meets the eye. Making decisions right now is problematic because it is hard to know what is true and what is false. These issues can be either internal or external (and sometimes both at the same time). The dark is temporary and eventually the light of day will bring clarity. Advice: Try not to make decisions right now and instead dig below the surface to determine what is real and what isn't. If you can't figure it out, just wait and time will take care of it. If reversed, ask yourself: Do I like wandering in the dark and feeling confused because it relieves me of the responsibility for my actions or gives me an excuse? Do I put myself in dangerous or uncertain situations on purpose?

About the Deck

Mystical Manga Tarot By: Rann, Barbara Moore Hope you enjoy the daily energy readings. Please go to Or Check Oit The NEW APP To book services and get the daily readings direct

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