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The work is done. Your dedication will move you forward. Don’t allow short term deadlines to pull your focus from the big picture. Reacting to the day to do drama will pull you away from your goal. Everything you have worked for is on its way. Your job now is to hold your focus on what’s important and keep moving forward. Faith and patience is the key now. Circles 2

Symbol: Pine Tree

The Pine Tree tile represents strength and resolve. It often refers to a powerful, determined man. While powerful, this person is not violent, but very skilled in attaining his goals through diplomacy.

Circles 7

Symbol: Insect

The Insect tile indicates short-term gain through a short flurry of hectic work. It is important to realize that the gains the Insect tile offers are not lasting, or of long-term importance. At best they are a stopgap until more substantial goals come along.

Bamboo 7

Symbol: Tortoise

The Tortoise tile suggests impatience with the time certain aspects are taking to play themselves out. It is likely any open issues you may have will need extra attention and patience to resolve properly. The Tortoise also symbolizes long life.

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