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January 7th 2021 Tarot

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

As you work towards your goal, you are made aware of previous patterns of restriction. As these patterns become visible you must make decisions that are true to your heart. This gives you permission to break these patterns. Use compassion when and be clear on your intent when making these decisions. You have the strength to push past this regardless of whether you think you do or not. Just be true to you. Page of Pentacles You have been practicing something and are already quite good at it. Your studies are beginning to manifest into actual completed projects. You are ready to present your work to the outside world. Perhaps it's time to consider something more complicated and challenging.

Eight of Swords You feel helpless. You cannot see; you cannot move; you sense danger all around you. The situation is entirely of your own making. The good news is that if you made it, you can unmake it. You have the ability to see things clearly. You just need the courage to do so.

Strength - Reversed Be aware of two extremes. Do not let your strength or baser desires control you. Or conversely, do not deny your own power. About the Deck Gilded Tarot Royal By: Ciro Marchetti Hope you enjoy the daily energy readings. Please go to Or Check Oit The NEW APP To book services and get the daily readings direct In studio or video.

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