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January 5 2021 Tarot

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

The focus is on larger commitments in our lives. The stability is allowing us to move threw and avoid old patterns. Clarity of mind and our ability to see the truth of things beyond the illusion of emotions is creating a new timeline that works for us rather than against. It’s your time embrace it.

Four of Wands You have achieved a satisfying goal. Take time to celebrate this. Be proud of what you have done.

Knight of Swords You are in the midst of something. You know exactly what you want to do and precisely how you are going to do it. You are very single-minded right now. Your goal is in sight.

The Wheel of Fortune The message of The Wheel of Fortune is twofold. First, know that life has ups and downs and many times things happen that affect you but are not strictly speaking personal. For example, the company you work for is bought by another and restructured. You job is eliminated. This was not done to hurt you personally, although does affect you deeply. Second, events in life are often good or bad because you choose to view them as such. Keep your center and your focus and don't be rattled by events you cannot control About the Deck Gilded Tarot Royal By: Ciro Marchetti Hope you enjoy the daily energy readings. Please go to Or Check Oit The NEW APP To book services and get the daily readings direct In studio or video.

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