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December 30th Tarot

As the good news arrives prepare yourself to celebrate. Seeing things from multiple perspectives allows you to understand things differently. Everything is a lesson or blessing. Draw along your strength to find the pos in everything.

Page of Pentacles You have been practicing something and are already quite good at it. Your studies are beginning to manifest into actual completed projects. You are ready to present your work to the outside world. Perhaps it's time to consider something more complicated and challenging.

Three of Cups You are surrounded by those who give you happiness. Remember to acknowledge and appreciate them. Take time to celebrate with others the simple joys of being alive.

Strength The message of Strength reminds you that you have more strength, power, and courage than you realize. Learn to live easily with these gifts and use them when appropriate. About the Deck Gilded Tarot Royal By: Ciro Marchetti Hope you enjoy the daily energy readings. Please go to Or Check Oit The NEW APP To book services and get the daily readings direct In studio or video.

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