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December 24 - Tarot Reading

Passion and purpose are driving you forward. Make sure you are in control of the direction your going. We can move quickly with the Knight of Fire so maintain your focus on the goal. Your still a little guarded and opening up will allow you to flourish in new ways. Yesterday’s momentum is pushing you towards your goals. Your destiny is calling. You are safe to open up and receive it.

Knight of Wands Your passion is moving you ahead very quickly. Whatever you are facing, you are very excited about it. You feel no fear, although you are certainly feeling a heady adrenaline rush. You are ready for a grand adventure. If one doesn't come to you, you will go out and find it.

The Magician - Reversed Be aware of control and manipulation. Power can blind you to what is appropriate. Keep in mind the negative stereotype of The Magician as a charleton or swindler.

Four of Pentacles You possess a certain amount of resources. And you've become possessive of them. You are hoarding your money, your time, your abilities. You've lost sight of what these things are for and you face a lonely, unfulfilled future unless you use your resources wisely

About the Deck

Gilded Tarot Royal

By: Ciro Marchetti

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