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December 22nd

You’ve done the work that was necessary. You have attracted your hopes and dreams into reality. Reset your goals forward and don’t overthink things. Keep your focus on your definition of home of family of support and you will see them as they manifest in your life. Allow everything else to flow through. In this energy that which you focus on will come to you quickly.

Nine of Cups You have achieved a place of comfortable abundance. You have much love and nurturing affection to give. You are happy with what you have and desire to share with others knowing that sharing such gifts only increases them.

King of Swords - Reversed Be aware of letting your intelligence define you in full. Seek a bit more balance in your own self image and your dealings with other. Be careful, too, of becoming a snob. Your mind is powerful, but if turned inward too much, you may be prone to paranoia.

Four of Wands You have achieved a satisfying goal. Take time to celebrate this. Be proud of what you have done.

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