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Daily Tarot Reading December 18th 2020

The message today is One of recognition. You have all the tools you require. You’ve done the work and set the intent. It’s time to take control with the emperor. Recognize the evolution of self and realize your safe to move forward. see the world through the eyes of compassion and love and watch it evolve before you.

The Magician The Magician's message is one of discipline and responsibility. You have the power within yourself to accomplish whatever you wish. You have the necessary tools at your disposal. Focus your will and hone your skills.

The Emperor The message of The Emperor is that of healthy stability. Create an environment that allows you to function at your best. Seek well-functioning order in your life in terms of your home, your work place, and your relationships. Appreciate the rules of society that allow a smooth and peaceful life.

Knight of Cups You are feeling very romantic. You are more interested in candles, decadent dinners, and lofty declaration of love than usual. Celebrating the beautiful and sensual experiences of life is just as necessary of any other experience. Enjoy.

About the Deck

Gilded Tarot Royal

By: Ciro Marchetti

Hope you enjoy the daily energy readings.

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