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Be The Pebble & Ride The Ripple

Every desire that we attach an emotion to is sent outwardly in a wave around us. Like throwing a rock in a pond the centrifugal pattern that radiates outwards is the same as the wave we create with our emotion unified with intent.

This is analogy I use all the time and readings but when you think about it, at the beginning of a ripple is a distortion pattern which is going to destabilize. Considering the ripple is the vibration of our desire headed outward the initial distortion pattern that destabilizes is the first thing to come back to us. This is what I would consider a test because our response to the distortion pattern defines how the manifestation will show up. The initial test is not the manifestation but rather the necessary change required initially to allow the the manifestation to become real.

Many times frustration is the emotion the distortion pattern is met by. The danger here is that very energy is being used to build the manifestation itself.

This is where the idea of letting go and not being attached comes in. If I've put it out into the universe I know it's coming back to me. I know it's going to show up and if I don't get frustrated during the process regardless of the perceived resistance, then one doesn't tarnish or alter the vibration that's coming back.

In essence the manifestation would be closer to your original desire as you have not affected it with any emotion after the face.

Many humans create through insecurity this needs to evolve and change because of you actually saw who you were you'd never be insecure.

We create while worrying constantly about yesterday and tomorrow missing the magical moment we live in.

To be the pebble that gets tossed into the pond. And once thrown allowed to sink and stoically sit in the bottom untouched and unchanged. Completely let go of how it comes back and watch is inevitably like magic you're able to look back and wonder how it all happened.

Be the pebble and ride the ripple as you manifest your hopes and dreams.

We all grow together

Matthew T Volk

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